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Our Audiologist

Charles Brejcha

Charles Brejcha
M.A. Audiologist

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Charles Brejcha's love of sound and amplifiers started at a very young age. I guess you could say he was one of very few kids who could have said, "When I grow up I want to be an audiologist." He unfortunately didn't learn the word Audiologist until after he had already received a Bachelor's of Music degree in Composition at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Shortly after graduating, while working in a music store, he met an audiologist who inspired him to use his passion for amplifiers and electronics to help people hear better. He went on to receive a Master of Arts in Audiology from Cal State LA in 2006. Upon graduation he took a position with HearUSA in Los Angeles where he focused on diagnostic audiology and hearing aid dispensing for pediatric and adult populations. He also became a regional expert in programming BAHA's (bone anchored hearing aids), with patients coming from as far away as Bakersfield to seek his advice and programming skills. In the fall of 2018 the former owner of BrightHear, Daisy Elwick Aud, approached him to see if he was able to take over her practice, because she had to move out of the area due to family reasons. Having seen the wonderful work that Daisy did at HearUSA, he didn't hesitate to take on the challenge. He can't wait to meet the hearing impaired community of the San Gabriel Valley, and continue the great work that Daisy had started.