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Care Tips for Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids have changed the way people who experience hearing loss live their lives. They’re still getting better with each year, too. Hearing aids are becoming more powerful, so that users experience better clarity and better range when using the aid. 

The battery life is also getting better, meaning users can have more confidence in the use of the hearing aid for an extended period of time. In fact, most can last all day, only needing a charge overnight. 

However, no matter how good rechargeable hearing aids get, they won’t last very long if they aren’t properly cared for by their owner. People tend to give varying levels of care to their hearing aids. But if you want it to last the test of time, you’ll make sure you care for it. Caring for it doesn’t just make it last longer, but ensures it works properly. Here are some top care tips you can use for your rechargeable hearing aid.

Look after the charge

Think about your iPhone. It loses charge over time. The same thing can happen to your rechargeable hearing aid if you don’t look after it properly. This means the charge will decline over time and you’ll be left without your hearing aid. No longer will it last all day, and it’ll only get worse. 

For a start, you need to ensure your hearing aids are fully charged before using them. This is good for the battery and can help it last longer. Try not to be in a position where the battery runs completely dry as this is what can degrade the battery over time. If you aren’t using your hearing aid, make sure it’s on charge.  

Watch out for water

Most hearing aids are water resistant, but not waterproof. This means you need to be careful around water. Light rain is usually fine, but if you’re trapped in an absolute deluge you might want to take them out or you could be off to your audiologist with a complaint and end up out of pocket.

It also means you have to be careful in places where there might be a lot of steam. This could be in certain work situations or maybe if you’re off on a spa trip to the sauna. Don’t put them in when you’ve just gotten out of the pool either. Water pools in the ear and can still damage the aid from the other side, so make sure you try out your ear before replacing the rechargeable hearing aid. 

If you wear make-up, this is also true. Think about putting the aid in afterwards, not before doing your makeup as wet products can do just as much damage as water. Even if they aren’t wet, the powder might mean you have to clean your aids more often.

Try to keep your hearing aids clean

Due to the nature of hearing aids, they can quite often become clogged and unclean. If dirt and grime work their way too deep into the inner workings of the hearing aid, they can get damaged. You can avoid this by trying to ensure that they are cleaned often. 

If you have a behind-the-ear hearing aid, then your audiologist would have likely told you to clean it each day. You need to do this with a dry cloth in most cases. The tubing will also have to be changed every so often, but that duration varies and again your audiologist would have helped you.

If you have a hearing aid the instruction manual will inform you how to keep it clean. If you use an in the ear hearing aid the cleaning process is slightly different. Again, you’d be better off using a dry cloth to clean the aid as best possible, or if you’re using a wet one just make sure water doesn’t get into the sensitive workings. 

There will likely be a filter system designed to stop wax getting into the inside. The filter itself will need to be replaced every so often. If wax has gotten inside, you can remove it with a specialist brush. The brushes are usually all the same and most manufacturers package one with the aid. Try to keep it as clean as possible to ensure it lasts longer and that you get the best out of your hearing aids. 

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