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How to Test, Buy and Change Hearing Aid Batteries

How to Test, Buy and Change Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids are powered by batteries and, in most cases, they last between three to 10 days. How long they last can depend on a range of factors, such as the type and size of hearing aid, the size of the battery, how you maintain the hearing aid, and more. If you ever need more specific advice about managing your hearing aid or improving your battery life, asking your audiologist can always help.

Here, we’re going to look at the basics you should know about your hearing aid batteries, including how to test them, buy them, and change them.

When to change your battery

The hearing aid should automatically let you know when it’s time to change it. When the battery starts running low, it should start giving off some short beeps. These beeps will repeat every now and then as the battery gets closer to running out.

When the battery is about to run out immediately, you will hear a different series of beeps, often four beeps in a row, before the hearing aid turns off. This may happen shortly after the initial warning beeps, or after an hour, depending on how quickly the battery is draining.

You should remove a worn-battery and dispose of it as soon as you can. When you insert a new battery, you should hear a jingle playing when you turn it on. The hearing aid may also start whistling if it is not put on, to indicate that it has a charged battery and is ready to use. This whistling should stop when you put it back on.

Testing your battery

If your hearing is turned off, it may be because the battery has died, but it may also be due to other issues, such as a malfunction. There are a couple of ways to test the battery to see if that’s the cause. The first method is to use a battery tester. When you place the battery on this device (with the positive/+ mark facing upwards) and slide it along the surface, following the arrow.

If you don’t have a battery tester, you can also try listening to the hearing aid when you install the battery and close the battery door. When it is in your hand, it should make a squealing or whistling noise. Hold it up to your ear. If it’s making that noise, it means the battery is working properly.

Changing the battery

How you change the battery in your device can depend on the type of hearing aid you were. However, the steps are largely the same for all styles and models of hearing aids.

  • Open the battery drawer fully and take out the battery that’s currently inside
  • Take out your new battery and remove the sticky tab that’s on the positive/+ side.
  • Let the battery “breathe” for three to five minutes, as the air causes the material to activate.
  • Place the battery inside the battery drawer with the positive/+ side facing upwards.
  • Close the battery drawer and listen out for the jingle that plays through the earpiece. If you hear it, it means that the battery is inserted properly, and the hearing aid is ready to wear.

You can also use a battery magnet, which is regularly found in hearing aid cleaning and maintenance kits, to remove the battery from the drawer easily if you have trouble with it.

Buying hearing aid batteries

Just like regular batteries for all other kinds of devices, hearing aids tend to have different brands and sizes. When fitting your hearing aid with your audiologist, they should inform you what size of batteries they require. In most cases, behind the ear hearing aids use size 13 and 312 batteries, while in the ear devices use size 312 or 10 batteries. You only need one battery in each device you wear at any time.

You can also easily identify different sizes of battery by the color code on their packaging. 675 batteries are coded blue, 13 are orange, 312 are brown, and 10 are yellow. If you’re ever confused about which type of battery your hearing aid uses, don’t hesitate to ask your audiologist. They can ensure you pick the right type.

Learn more from your audiologist

If you have any more questions about your hearing aid, batteries, maintenance, care or use, don’t hesitate to ask your audiologist. You can call Your Hearing Connection at (626) 538-9920 to reach our Arcadia office.