Do you use your hearing aids with your smartphone? If not, it might be time to consider the benefits. Hearing aids are devices that help people who have difficulty hearing in some or all frequencies of sound. They are typically used for severe to profound hearing loss and can only be prescribed by a physician or audiologist.

The more advanced models include telecoils, which can pick up sounds from nearby TVs, radios and other electronic devices. Here are how to use your hearing aids with a smartphone.

Know Which Smartphones Are Compatible

Some smartphones are not compatible with hearing aids. For example, most iPhones do not support direct audio streaming to hearing aids using Bluetooth or an app in the device itself. So, make sure you check your smartphone if it is compatible with your hearing aids before making a purchase.

If you have an iPhone, you can use the remote microphone app to stream audio from your phone to your hearing aid wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. This will work if there is no other smartphone between the two devices on different Wi-Fi networks.

To find out which other smartphones are compatible with your hearing aid, you can contact a local provider or manufacturer. Many smartphone manufacturers provide lists of compatible devices on their websites. You may want to consider buying the same brand as your phone so that they work together seamlessly and effortlessly when to connect through Bluetooth technology.

How To Pair Your Hearing Aid with the Phone

First, your hearing aids and phone must be compatible for pairing. The level of compatibility depends on the technology used by each device. Not all smartphones will work with your specific type or model of hearing aid, so do some research to see what options are available before purchasing if you’re unsure which one is best for you. Secondly, the hearing aid must be in pairing mode before it can connect with the phone. The method for putting your device into this mode depends on its make and model, so consult the manufacturer’s guide or website if you need help.

Thirdly, turn on Bluetooth to ensure that it is enabled on both devices. Finally, open your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings menu to search for the device you’re trying to pair with. Your phone should automatically recognize it once it is within range of both devices. Once paired successfully, use the volume buttons located on either side of your hearing aid to adjust the volume on your smartphone.

How To Adjust the Frequency

One of the most common audio settings on a hearing aid is whether it uses high-frequency compression, also known as noise reduction. This setting makes soft sounds easier to hear at the expense of loud ones. Adjust this feature to avoid missing critical information in conversations when using your phone or tablet with your hearing aids.

To adjust the frequency, press the program button on your hearing aids while wearing them. You can cycle through available frequencies by repeatedly pressing this button and some devices may have multiple frequency bands to choose from.

Your device’s manual will describe how it works with your phone or tablet. Once you find a setting that works for both quiet conversations and loud noises, you can turn this feature off. If you find that your hearing aids are making nearby noises louder instead of soft sounds, disable the noise reduction setting and increase the feedback cancellation using either your phone or tablet’s settings menu.

Hearing Aids for Android and IOS

Hearing aids for android and IOS are used to improve your hearing experience. You can now enjoy music, movies or apps like WhatsApp on the go. With a pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones, you will never miss anything again. The latest technology also allows users with compatible devices to take advantage of features such as streaming high-quality audio directly to their hearing aids. Some features include volume control by tapping on your device or choosing specific programs to stream into your hearing aids.

As you can see, it is possible to use your hearing aids with a smartphone. Using the settings on your phone and app, you will be able to make calls, listen to music or watch videos easily. You now know how to use your new hearing aids with a smartphone.

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