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Our audiologist is still available to assist you in-person or over the phone. An appointment is required though so that we can safely manage the number of patients in our waiting room.  

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Meet Our Audiologist
Charles Brejcha, M.A. Audiologist

Charles Brejcha's love of sound and amplifiers started at a very young age, but it wasn’t till after he received a Bachelor's of Music degree in Composition at the University of Missouri Kansas City that he met an audiologist who inspired him to use his passion for amplifiers and electronics to help people hear better. In the fall of 2018, he took over the BrightHear practice from former owner of, Daisy Elwick Aud. He can't wait to meet the hearing-impaired community of the San Gabriel Valley, and continue the great work that Daisy had started.

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Patient Centered Approach

We recognize that selecting and being fitted for hearing aids can be an overwhelming investment to consider. The hearing healthcare market is flooded with cookie cutter approaches. This is why we use a patient centered approach to uncover the areas where the patient feels the most disconnected so that we can tailor the hearing aids to the individual needs. Our process begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation and a thorough assessment of the patients’ lifestyle needs, and it doesn't end until every patient with an aidable hearing loss is given the opportunity to experience better hearing.

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Hearing Loss Solutions

We carry a wide selection of digital devices from the industry’s top manufacturers, complete with options and features to suit a variety of lifestyle needs and budgets. Regardless of the type and severity of your hearing loss, we'll help you select a hearing aid to treat your hearing loss and have it fit and programmed to your needs and lifestyle. In addition, we offer assistive listening devices and custom earmolds and earplugs.

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